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Certified Nursing Assistant


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- Course Description

Throughout the program the adult students will study medical terminology, health science and information related to health care which will include: all body systems (cardiac, pulmonary, endocrine, etc.), aging and geriatrics, death and dying, CPR, basic first aid, nursing assessments, prevention of infection, and taking vital signs.


Clinical will offer many experiences and offer many opportunities in the healthcare field.


Clinical also focus on hands-on patient care to prepare the adult student for competencies necessary to become certified.

- What You'll Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:


  • Describe the organization of healthcare facilities and the roles of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.

  • Identify the responsibilities of the registered nurse, licensed practical nurse and nursing assistant in a variety of settings.

  • Apply nursing assistant theoretical knowledge in providing basic healthcare services.

  • Perform essential nursing assistant clinical skills.

  • Use accurate and appropriate communication with members of the healthcare team.

  • Employ ethical and moral behaviors, and the characteristics of honesty, responsibility and caring in the provision of patient/resident care.

  • Carry out and follow up on patient/resident care tasks as delegated by the nurse.

- Entry Requirements

  • Be at least 17 years or older (verified by driver license or birth certificate)

  • Submit 2 valid forms of identification (e.g. drivers license or passport)

  • Provide evidence of a high school diploma, GED or pass a scholastic Level entrance examination with a score of 11

  • Submit a copy of his/her social security card or alien card

  • Submit two passport size pictures ( to be used for student ID & File)

  • Submit evidence of  Liability Insurance with a minimum of two million per claim and an aggregate of five million provided by an independent party

  • Evidence of negative PPD or Chest X-ray (should not expire within 3 months of enrollment).

  • Current CPR card ( Health Care Provider Card, American Heart Association, Red Cross and American Safety and Health)

  • Application & Registration fee $50.

  • Submit 3 letters of references (from an employer or former teacher)

  • Application Fee for MBON certification (Money order $20.00)

  • Complete Application form for initial certification.

Course Fee:


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